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Welcome to Traditional Medicine Conference 2021

Introduction to Traditional Medicine Conference

Traditional Medicine Conference in Australia

Scientific Sessions of Traditional Medicine Conference 2021

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Event Date: July 12-14, 2021

Scientific Program

TMED-2021 is a 3-day scientific event, will consist of stimulating program of plenary sessions, keynote speeches, panel discussions, poster presentations and exhibitions in traditional medicine and phytochemistry. We aim to make the conference a genuine two-way process and as such, knowledge transfer, commercialization and industrialization can be further enhanced through interactivity.

Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for Presentation

  1. Keynote addresses: Keynote speakers will be allotted 30 minutes to present their results, followed by a 5 minutes discussion period.
  2. Regular Contributed talks: Authors of contributed talks will be allotted 15 minutes to present their results, followed by a 5 minutes discussion period.
  3. E-Poster presentations: Authors of E-Poster will be allotted 7 minutes to present their results/poster, followed by a 3 minutes discussion period.
  4. Please prepare the presentation in PPT files, PDF is not recommended.
  5. Please refer to the program page of the official website for your session and presentation information.
  6. If your presentation files contain movies, please make sure that they are well formatted and connected to the main files.
  7. Please re-check this program prior to the conference to confirm if any changes have been made to your session.

E-Poster Guidelines

  1. The poster can be presented as PPT with not more than 5 slides or single-page poster in PDF format.
  2. The presentation should be in landscape orientation with a screen ratio of 16:9.
  3. The Presentation must be in the PPT, or PDF format.
  4. Avoid overlapping, animated objects, or serial animations.
  5. Font type - Times New Roman or Arial.
  6. The font size should be 14pt or bigger.

Essential Information to Include on E-Poster:

  • Poster should be written ONLY in English language.
  • Title of the E-Poster (should be brief and match with the submitted abstract).
  • Names and affiliations of all authors (each author to be marked with superscript Arabic number (such as 1, 2) with their corresponding institute affiliation and their addresses.
  • The logo of the affiliated institution/university should be placed on the upper left-hand corner.
  • Arial font should be used throughout the poster with such clarity that it could be read from 1.5 meters distance. The title and subheadings should be written in bold. Italics should be avoided as it would be harder to read from a distance.
  • Please be considerate when using colors for the presentation, keep only 2-3 colors as this would be a formal scientific poster presentation. Please select background colors that contrast well with the font to allow easier reading of your text. Avoid background with bright or dark color and full of texture as this will distract readers.
  • Graphs and tables should be well organized, and the font used should be of a size that is easy to read.

For regular updates follow Traditional Medicine Conferences website.

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